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    Hermann-Böse-Str. 10
    28209Bremen / Germany
    Telephone:+49. (0)421. 303 9229 0
    Telefax:+49. (0)421. 303 9229 9
    Open hours:
    Monday to Friday
    09.00 - 17.00
    or by appointment
    Languages in clinic
    German, English

    We are specialists in esthetic and implant dentistry.
    We focus on the most advanced and scientifically based findings. Our standard is the highest quality with individual esthetic analysis and planning. Thereby succeeding in esthetics and function has become predictable. We do not leave you to chance.

    We use highly advanced diagnostic techniques such as 3D X-ray (DVT). Thus, we can carry out surgical procedures and implanting through navigation which is planned to the millimeter. This means a high degree of safety for the patient and success for the planned restoration. Safety and success can be planned.

    Healthy and beautiful teeth give quality of life. We want you to preserve your own teeth for as long as possible. With our gentle treatment methods, we maintain the naturalness of your teeth and guarantee the best esthetics.



  • Vera Klencke M.Sc. |Dental practice Bremen
    • leading implant dentists; Führende Implantologen - Vera Klencke M.Sc. | Dental practice Bremen
    • leading Dental Centers; Führende Zahnkliniken - Vera Klencke M.Sc. | Dental practice Bremen
    • trained implant dentists; Ausgebildete Implantologen - Vera Klencke M.Sc. | Dental practice Bremen
    • Dentures Dentistry; Zahnersatz Zahnmedizin - Vera Klencke M.Sc. | Dental practice Bremen
    • Specialty dentures implant dentistry; Spezialgebiet Zahnersatz Implantologie - Vera Klencke M.Sc. | Dental practice Bremen
    • Satisfied patients Implantology; Zufriedene Patienten Implantologie - Vera Klencke M.Sc. | Dental practice Bremen


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