Leading Implant Centers – Transparency and quality

Leading Implant Centers has one aim:

To create worldwide transparency within the market of dental specialists working as implantologists. In order for patients and interested individuals to reliably find experienced implantologists, who have been verifiably certified to a high level in the field of oral implantology by their respective scientific association.

Implantology – lucrative additional business without any quality control

Implantology is a field of expertise with a growing market and therefore lucrative for dental specialists. Dental specialists are increasingly organizing in their various national and international scientific associations to further educate themselves. In these scientific associations these specialists can on the one hand easily become a member without gaining any further qualifications and on the other hand they can gain different qualified standards through further education arrangements.

Patients need guidance

For the patient it is difficult if not even impossible to assess and evaluate the qualifications of an implantologist due to the many educational opportunities available with all the various diplomas, certificates and statements.

But the fact is that only a handful of all licensed dental specialists are at the highest quality training and certification level of their respective scientific associations in oral implantology.

Clear entry criteria guarantees quality

With the co-operation of a scientific advisory board, Leading Implant Centers has developed strict entry criteria to ensure that the specialists it lists have verifiably been educated and certified to a high level in the field of oral implantology within their respective scientific association. Furthermore, all members have a minimum of 4 years of practical experience in oral implantology with at least 200 successful treatment cases.

Clear and helpful orientation for patients

For the patients this is the guarantee for certified and provable expertise of our members. You can fully trust every listed specialist in oral implantology who is listed on Leading Implant Centers. Before being listed, each and every member of Leading Implant Centers was assessed according to our nationally as well as internationally similar standards.

Find the closest dental expert you can trust in your vicinity.