Leading Implant Centers solely incorporates onto their platform dental specialists who are qualified in implant dentistry to the highest level of training and certification in their respective scientific association and/or able to attest as a consultant/specialized dentist.

  • Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Specialist dentist in oral surgery
  • Certified periodontics specialist/surgery
  • Master graduation in dental implantology
  • Dentist with main training in implantology

Furthermore, the following criteria must be met:

Each member must have at least four (4) years of practical experience in oral implantology with appropriate training and certification and placed at least 200 implants themselves with documentation.

Costs of your membership:

You belong to a group of highly qualified specialists who use this portal as a presentation platform for patients and interested parties.

"Anyone who is not seen on the internet remains invisible."
... Visibility is therefore an important key to success

In order to help patients and interested parties to discover your services online, we invest in visibility, reach and professional online marketing activities. These costs are based on an annual membership fee of 980, - EUR.

The criteria has been developed by Leading Implant Centers in cooperation with experienced Implantology experts.