Dr. Ido Alt

Specialized in

  • Implantology

Languages in the clinic

English, Hebrew

Tel Aviv,

+972. (0)3. 602 29 13

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About us

Dr. Addo Alt Periodontology periodontal treatment expert and Transplantation, Graduate School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University in 1990 , and a graduate of the residency program in Periodontics at the University of Tel Aviv . Dr. Al worked about 5 years the Department of Oral Rehabilitation, Ichilov Hospital and has been in private practice up from 17 years.

Since the beginning of his medical until today, has accumulated rich experience in general and oral rehabilitation and restoration of dental implants with implants in particular. Dr. Addo Al careful to study and attend medical conferences in Israel and abroad , he lectures to dentists regarding transplantation in computer terms and cooperation between other experts in dentistry.

Dr. Addo alto dentistry offers clients a personal and progressive pleasant and relaxing atmosphere .

Dr. Alt is very sensitive to the character and personality of the patient both medical and mental , soul artist , both in his work as a doctor and his private life . Is painter and sculptor , his office is located in Tel Aviv , designed in conjunction original art brainchild . Paintings decorate the clinic , which give a sense of meticulous Home health reasons.

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