Dr. Amir Horowitz DMD

Specialized in

  • Implantology

Languages in the clinic

English, Hebrew

Tel Aviv,

+972. (0)3. 620 31 13

About us

Dr. Horowitz graduated Dental Medicine School (DMD) at Tel Aviv University (1993) and graduated Medical Health Administration (MHA) at the University of Haifa (1996). Dr. Horowitz holds a DIPLOMATE International Association for transplants and a member in the Israeli Association of Implatology (IAOI), Association of Periodontology and Dental Association.
Dr. Horowitz combines professional Unique pillars of dentistry: aesthetics, implants and oral rehabilitation.
With seniority and experience of 20 years in both the private and public dentistry for years served as medical director at public clinics and as a lecturer and clinical Instructor in the department of 'Esthetic Dentistry' at Hadassah Ein Kerem Dental School.

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