M.Sc. Patrick Busch

Specialized in

  • Implantology
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Endodontics

Languages in the clinic

German, English


  • Master of Science Implantology
  • BDIZ - Specialist Area Implantology


+49. (040). 44 21 74

+49. (040). 44 19 58 78

About us

Our aim is to support you in your wishes and needs, to inform you comprehensively and to do what needs to be done as gently as possible.
Dentistry has evolved a lot further in the last decades, so that an increasing number of different disciplines have emerged. This realization has already prompted me throughout my residency to continuously undergo further training and to achieve an optimal result for you with the latest and most authoritative treatment methods.

Your health
The health of individuals is more than just a summary of medical fields. Teeth, jaw joint and periodontium form a unit. When selecting the materials that are used in your mouth, we consider that any substance can be an active compound. You can expect more from us. We can help you that not only you will have healthy and beautiful teeth, but altogether more BITE.

Strength lies in calmness.
It is and has always been my aim to support people. Starting from the basis of modern and holistic dentistry, we will inform you about everything available to help you to open up the possibilities of a long-term success.

This is your opportunity to make changes!
It is our aim to create a pleasant atmosphere for you within our practice. We take our time for you and inform you about every step of the treatment during the treatment. We want to treat you gently and without anxiety. We want a harmonious coexistence, so that holistic medicine and modern dentistry is a combined unit in which you can trust.

Our quality will convince you!
We want to treat you as effectively and economically as we can and where you decide in which direction the path leads. To us, your trust in my colleagues and me is of utmost importance.

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