Dr. Jos Z. Gal

Specialized in

  • Implantology
  • DVT / CT planning / Navigated implantation
  • Oral surgery (bone grafting, sinus lift, ESC, etc.)
  • Periodontics, Laser-Assisted
  • Laser Therapies
  • Endodontics
  • Esthetics
  • Orthodontics (harmony-rails/invisible teeth straightening)

Languages in the clinic

German, English


  • DGOI - Specialist Area Implantology
  • DGI - Specialist Area Implantology


+49 (0)7253 63 24

+49 (0)7253 80 21 99

About us

With us you are in the best hands.

Our philosophy of a patient-friendly managed practice within over 350 square meters of airy stylish surroundings forms the foundation for a stress free and relaxing treatment. For a personal discussion in advance and individual consulting we allow the time this takes. Our walk-in WHITE ROOM conference room, "tooth in space", provides the best technical prerequisites for an optimal and successful consultation.

We lay out the red carpet for you - as a guest you will receive an outstanding service and many advantages from us, because everything we do is oriented towards the patient's comfort.

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