Prof. Dr. Ms. F Fabiano Capato de Brito

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  • Implantology

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Dr. Fabiano Capato Brito has specialized in implantology.

  • Specialist and Master in implantology (Dental Researches Center of St. Leopold Mandic - SLM)
  • Professor of the upgrade course in Implantology (Dental Researches Center of São Leopoldo Mandic - SLM)
  • Professor of the specialist course in Implantology (Dental Researches Center of São Leopold Mandic - SLM)
  • Professor of the Master course in Implantology (Dental Researches Center of São Leopold Mandic - SLM)

These days, according to Dr. Fabiano Capato Brito, people are aware that a regular visit to the dental practice is as much a routine as is going to the doctor's, the gym or the hair dresser's. The patients know that prevention is better than treating a problem. Esthetics is very important to people and this can amongst others be supported by implantology. These days oral rehabilitation methods and restorations are so perfect that the difference to the healthy (untreated) teeth is invisible. Next to the simple procedures such as fillings and estethical treatments, the bigger challenges for the practice are operations, the insertion of implants and the prosthetic rehabilitation of implants.

"In our country, many people still lose their teeth as they do not have access to treatments for the prevention of caries and paradontal diseases. There are patients that are in fear of a dental treatment without knowing that the ideal prevention prevents the loss of their teeth", explains Dr. Fabiano Capato Brito. However, if teeth have already been lost, it is important to go to a specialist / implantologist. Here the patient can count on an optimal healing result, no matter if the patient received implants, crowns, post crowns, dental prosthesis or needs to be cared for after the removal of a tooth/teeth. The surgeon explains that for every part of dentistry training and further education, dedication and know-how are mandatory. Furthermore, in surgery, a specialized education is necessary.

Dr. Fabiano Capato Brito: "I see it as a big problem in our profession that only a few professional dentists have specialized in implantology during a longer period of training and further education. In contrast to the ones that call themselves implantologists after a weekend course and then claim that they can perform complex treatments that can lead to irreparable problems for the patient." Most patient that come to our clinic wish for a perfect smile and or because they want to eat meat! This is what the patient wants and we grant it every day. Dr. Fabiano Capato de Brito claims that it is possible to safely execute treatments without pain or discomfort. For fearful patients we work with different sedation techniques. Not very long ago I finished my promotion in pharmacology at Unicamp. During these six years I could learn and improve techniques that help me control the pain and fear of my dental patients.

We can simulate the estethical result requested by the patients with computer, photographs and drawings before starting any kind of treatment. It is simply unbelievable. Even the randomly wrong use of orthodontic tools attracts Dr. Fabiano's attention. These tools should only be used by people that are trained accordingly and not those who treat them like a toy or a fashionably accessory. Some parents come to our clinic with their children where we can draw up an assessment of all dental recordings, x-ray images and CT scans. This makes apparent what kind of dental damage exists and together with the patient we establish a treatment plan. Depending on the damage the treatment should be carried out by a specialist. In the same way that a patient with heart problems would see a cardiologist and not an orthopedist. If the patient has teeth missing he should accordingly be seeing an implantologist. In case the need for an orthodontic device arises, the patient needs to see an orthodontist.

Dr. Fabiano Capato de Brito recommends parents and careers to follow these instructions in order for their children not to have to suffer the loss of their mostly completely healthy teeth later in life. As for example parodontitis can lead to loss of bone that then leads to the loss of a tooth and then removes the option of inserting an implant.

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