Who does not know that: despite complex root canal treatment, the tooth hurts again after some time. Then usually an endodontic revision treatment is due. Up to now, this has usually been associated with a surgical procedure and corresponding complaints - if not even the loss of teeth was imminent. Now a new technology revolutionizes the second treatment and makes it much more comfortable for the patient. How the new process works and what benefits it brings is described below.

Overview of this article

What is behind the term endodontic revision?

Endodontics is a department of dentistry that deals with the dental pulp, a sensitive nerve tissue inside the root canal. The aim of every endodontic treatment is to preserve the tooth root and thus the tooth. If the inside of the tooth becomes inflamed, root canal treatment is usually necessary. The dentist completely removes the pulp, carefully cleans the root canals and closes them with dental cement, plastic or special filling pastes. Despite the greatest care, re-inflammation of the root canal system can not always be prevented. Then the dentist and the patient have to undergo treatment again - with an endodontic revision.

New procedure for the revision of the root canal

In a repeat treatment, it is necessary to completely remove introduced fillings. The innovative Endo ReStart system has been specially developed for this purpose. With the method it is possible to safely and effectively eliminate old filling material in tooth and root canal. The big advantage: the jawbone and root tip do not have to be surgically opened as in conventional treatment procedures in order to eliminate the inflammation. This is always associated with a lengthy healing process and pain. The new process uses tiny, fast-rotating files that penetrate into the smallest branch of the root and transport the removed material safely out of the way. The precision instruments can be used precisely and allow optimal control of all treatment steps.
Similar to a tree root, tooth roots have small branches and ramifications that are often bent. Frequently, these miniature channels are overlooked by conventional methods or not sufficiently processed. The result: further inflammation of the tooth root. The new non-surgical procedure uses a special dental microscope. It allows the dentist to systematically scan, cleanse and effectively seal the canal system for previously unaccounted ramifications. The innovative system is state of the art and endodontic methodology. It shines in revision treatments with success rates of over 90 percent - even in the long-term prognosis.

Your advantages:

  • Revision treatment without surgery
  • High chances of success for the preservation of the tooth
  • Alternative to costly dentures

Soft and Gentle method for tooth preservation

With the new Endosystem your teeth get a third chance - because everything is better than the tooth loss. Root-treated teeth are no longer vital after removal of the pulp - so they are not supplied with blood and nutrients. Nevertheless, they usually remain functional for many years. Given that you are provided with a sturdy crown or partial crown. Otherwise they usually do not stand up to the daily chewing load and break off.
The endodontic revision with the new Endo ReStart system opens up completely new possibilities and promises very good chances of success for the long-term preservation of your teeth. It is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional procedures that are anything but comfortable for the patient.
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