Case of the month
Prof. Dr. Nitzan Bichacho | Tel Aviv / Israel

Zug/Tel Aviv, November 2015 | Implantology at its best.  Learn about the many chances and possibilities of oral implantology. Every month we will introduce a new and challenging implantological treatment case.  Keep yourself informed and at the cutting edge. 

Case Description and Treatment goals:

  1. Replacing hopeless structurally compromised central incisor with an implant crown (#11)
  2. Replacing faulty composite restorations with one veneer (#21) and new composite restorations (#13, 12, 23).
  3. Creating adequate biologic conditions for implant placement and integration
  4. Creating a bio-physiologic healthy surrounding for a long lasting aesthetic implant crown restoration

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Prof. Dr. Nitzan Bichacho
Bichacho Clinic 
14 Weizmann St.
64239 Tel Aviv / Israel
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