Dr. Norbert Sörgel

Specialized in

  • Dr. Sörgel / Specialist for Implantology ( EDA )
  • Dr. Sondermeier / Specialist in endodontics ( EDA )
  • Dr. Chlebowski / Master in Aesthetic Dentistry

Languages in the clinic

German, English


  • EDA - European Dental Associaton


+49 89 296 777

+49 89 290 403 8

About us

The European Dental Association (EDA) awarded Dr. Norbert Sörgel in April 2005 the title: "Specialist for Implantology".

The code of ethics of the German Dental Association of Private Practitioners has been important and indicatory to us for over 25 years. This is why the patient as a person is at the center of our attention. We take time for each of our patients to establish together with them an individual treatment plan according to the medical aspects and their own requests. We take all the time it needs for a fearful patient to feel safe and sound with us. Since many patients are pressed for time we adapt our appointments accordingly. It is our aim to become a life-long partner for the patient in all dental areas.

In order to offer the scientific progress for our patients, we continuously and intensely participate in scientific further education. A binding estimate of cost is based on extensive diagnostics and our treatment planning. Our fees are structured in such a way that every patient can be treated according to the above mentioned criteria.

Part of the statutes of the German Dental Association of Private Practitioners is the code of ethics that states we will exercise goodwill in the case of fillings and reconstructions that fail, that were not caused by crunching, root-treated teeth, metabolic disease, fatigue of material, etc. Should any damage occur shortly after treatment, this will obviously be rectified by us free of charge. All our actions are guided by this code of ethics.

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