The strength of your teeth play an essential role in keeping your mouth healthy. Even if you are careful and keep your teeth sparkling clean, bacteria and acid can wear your teeth down and cause cavities.

While having excellent oral hygiene and keeping your teeth clean are vital, it's not the only factor. Proactively improving the strength of your teeth goes a long way when it comes to safeguarding your teeth. Put the tips you are about to learn to use, and you will maintain the bright, vibrant smile you love. If you are not happy with your smile, this advice will help you change that.

Use Fluoride Tooth Paste

Many people go to the store and buy the first toothpaste they see on sale, but you might want to read the label before you walk out of the store. Some people don't know the difference, but others actively avoid toothpaste that contains fluoride. The problem is that fluoride plays a central role in keeping your mouth cavity-free.

Not only does fluoride improve the strength of your teeth by helping with remineralization, but it also reduces the number of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Most people find that standard toothpaste does the job, but those who are at high risk for cavities should speak with a dentist about getting prescription toothpaste. Prescription toothpaste contains about five times the amount of fluoride you get from over-the-counter products.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

This is the part some of you were hoping would not come. If you want to keep your teeth bright and healthy, you must cut back on sugary foods and drinks. Sugar weakens the enamel in your teeth and makes them more likely to get cavities. Also, the bacteria that harm your teeth feed on sugar, so these menu items hurt you in more ways than one. If you choose to consume foods containing sugar, brush your teeth as soon as you finish.

Drink Plenty of Milk

If you care about the condition of your teeth, milk is one of your best friends. The calcium in milk strengthens your teeth and makes them much more resistant to cavities. Drinking two or three glasses of milk each day is a great place to start. Keep in mind, though, that some experts warn drinking more than that can cause more harm than good. Moderation is key.

If you don't enjoy drinking milk, you can turn to certain cheeses and yogurt to get the calcium your teeth need to maintain their appearance. You can always visit a vitamin shop and buy calcium tablets if you prefer avoiding dairy products.

Visit Your Dentist

You can take plenty of steps to protect your teeth and keep them in top shape, and the right plan can give you impressive results. On the other hand, nothing you do can make up for the training, tools and equipment of a caring dental expert.

Your dentist can give you critical feedback unique to your needs and situation. In addition to those benefits, your dentist can spot issues much sooner than you would notice them. With a little dedication and regular visits with your dentist, you maintain a smile of which anyone would be proud.

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