M.Sc. Siniša Radomirović

Specialized in

  • Implantology
  • Periodontology
  • Endodontics

Languages in the clinic

German, English


  • Master of Science Implantology
  • Master of Science in Periodontology
  • DGI - Specialist Area Implantology


+49 911 30 00 20

+49 911 30 00 22

About us

"Best possible dentistry" - that is our goal and our own claim!

In dentistry, there is more and more direction specialization of individual therapeutic fields, such as implantology. In order to solve dental problems holistically, it is advantageous if the specialists, as in our practice, work hand in hand. Due to the increased demands of quality, quality management is indispensable. It not only ensures that every step of the process works according to tried and tested specifications, but also increases and repeats the success of treatment and also the satisfaction of our patients.

The recipe for success of the meaningful division of tasks through specialization distinguishes the dentists on Neutorgraben.

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