Dr. Siegfried Marquardt

Board Member

Dr. Siegfried Marquardt represents Germany on the scientific advisory board. He is vice president of the German Association of Esthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ) and was head of the certification commission of the DGÄZ from 2004 to 2012.

He was the first German dentist to receive the title "Specialist for esthetic and function in dentistry". Furthermore, in the same year, he was also named "specialist for implantology" by the European Dental Association and the Federal Association of German implantologists (EDA/BDIZ-EDI).

Dr. Marquardt was elected the Congress President of the world dentist congress of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) 2013 in Munich. As a lecturer at the Academy for Practice and Science (APW) within the DGZMK he regularly appears nationally and internationally as a speaker, etc. in Brazil, USA, Japan, Europe and Canada.

Adelhofstrasse 1
83684 Tegernsee / Germany

Telephone: +49 (0)8022 15 05
E-Mail: info@dr-marquardt.d
Web: www.dr-marquardt.de