A good name as an implantologist is important -
credibility and verifiable competence are even better

Zug, October 2015 - It is important to have the possibility as an acknowledged experienced and trained implantologist to make this experience credibly visible to patients. Why? To be found is one thing - to be trustworthy for the patients is quite another thing. 

To have an implant placed is not an easily made decision. Finally, the patient would like to be sure they are in the best and most experienced hands. But how can the patient be sure of that if almost any dentist who has placed a single post crown can claim to be "experienced"? Who can a patient trust?

How do patients find their implantologist?
Of course the tried and true word-of-mouth recommendation helps. If a person of trust has had a good experience with a certain dentist, the probability is extremely high, that the patient does not search any further but follows this recommendation. To answer the question if the recommended dentist is competent in the patient's special case, the patient often refers to the internet. If a dentist is listed on a reputable site such as Leading Implant Centers the patient feels that the recommendation is confirmed and reliable.

Other patients that do not receive such a recommendation go directly online and look for a solution on the internet. Here, they will find many implantologist portals that more or less list "experienced" implantologists. However, these pages are more confusing than securing. Which of the listed specialists is really competent and who uses the platform solely as a freeloader? The listed certificates, proof of training and documentations that dentists are readily adorned with on those sites are not always a reliable proof for competence and experience as a specialist dentist in oral implantology. 

Proven experience and competence
Leading Implant Centers, by now a highly renowned implantologists portal, has recognized this dilemma early on and taken provisions accordingly from the start. Namely, by introducing very demanding entry criteria. These are defined and verified by a scientific advisory board that is composed of renowned members of leading implantology associations. Like this it is guaranteed that every dentist who is listed on LIC - Leading Implant Centers - is verifiable and an experienced and trained implantologist.

In this way, not only the patients benefit from the high-ranking internet portal on which they can be certain to find the best qualified implantologist in their locality with only a few clicks. But also the tooth implantologists that have been admitted into the circle of the best have the possibility to strengthen their reputation. LIC replaces the sort of amicable acquaintance who mentions their personal recommendation based on their own positive experience. With their admission to LIC, renowned dentists receive with their membership a public independent confirmation of their qualification.

The best of all worlds?
Absolutely! The operators of the platform www.leadingimplantcenters.com have given great care since its establishment three years ago to bring transparency into the multi-faceted market of implantology and on the one hand. One of the reasons for the initiation of this portal was to create security and trust for the patients. On the other hand the admission into the circle of the best boosts the image and reputation of its members significantly. This public award gives every listed implantologist the possibility to make their experience and competence known worldwide.

Leading Implant Centers was founded in 2012 with the aim to ensure that within the global field of oral implantology, greater transparency is provided by its highly qualified members. A scientific advisory board examines each application for membership according to strict, clearly defined criteria. In this way, the integrity and credibility of the portal are guaranteed, which allows the site to stand out from the many platforms for implantologists on the internet. Leading Implant Centers is supported by several international dental associations.


Press Contact:
Leading Implant Centers
Radek Nitsch