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Zug, March 2015 | Leading Implant Centers supports finding experts in oral implantology at a very local level with regional landing pages. Regional themes are a big plus - not only in terms of search engine optimization.

As a global Internet portal with over 330 members from 38 countries, which is now available in six languages, the Leading Implant Centers now focus their attention to targeted regional searchability. The resident members are furthermore supported with special landing pages for the region or the metropolitan areas of cities. 

Interested individuals searching on the web for an implantologist in their immediate vicinity are now increasingly encountering the regional landing page, from where they are redirected to the website. At the regional landing page all current regional issues such as press releases and event dates for their local dental practitioners can be found. Bundled regional contents bring this page to the front in search results. Each implantologist who is a member of the Leading Implant Centers can be sure that its contents, and thus their practice, are increasingly found. 

An accomplished trick when it comes to search engine optimization. As with the additional content more interested individuals are being guided to the Internet portal Leading Implant Centers by the landing pages, the ranking in the search engines is automatically improved. And this ultimately helps each individual member. 

The initiators of the platform for implantologists (Leading Implant Centers) constantly optimize the service for their members with great enthusiasm. Starting with the availability of content in more and more languages, to improving the search function, to the provision of regional content on landing pages.

Whoever is a member of Leading Implant Centers, has not only proven that they are one of the world's most experienced and best qualified implantologists, but they also benefit from a full range of professional services in the areas of marketing and public relations, which are guaranteed by the portal operator. Professionalism and credibility are the open secret to the success of Leading Implant Centers. 

Leading Implant Centers were established with the aim to ensure that within the global field of oral implantology, greater transparency is provided by its highly qualified members. A scientific advisory board examines each application for membership according to strict, clearly defined criteria. Like this, the integrity and credibility of the portal are guaranteed, which allows the site to stand out from the many platforms for implantologists on the internet. Leading Implant Centers is supported by several national and international dental associations.


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Leading Implant Centers
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