Dr. Allen Aptekar | Aptekar Clinic
Richmond Hill / Ontario / Canada

Zug/Richmond Hill, 27rd February 2015 | Implantologists who have been verifiably certified to the highest level in their respective scientific association present themselves on this new international platform. The latest member joining the circle of the best is Dr. Allen Aptekar from Richmond Hill in Ontario/Canada.

Patients need guidance
Patients facing an implantological treatment would like to be sure to find the latest dental care, the highest quality implants and the best dental implantologist whom they can trust with their problems.
However, for the patient it is difficult if not even impossible to assess and evaluate the qualifications of an implantologist due to the many educational opportunities available, with all the various diplomas, certificates and statements. But the fact is that only a handful of all licensed dentists and specialists are at the highest quality training and certification level of their respective scientific associations in oral implantology. 

Clear entry criteria guarantee quality
With the co-operation of a scientific advisory board, Leading Implant Centers has developed strict entry criteria to ensure that the dental implantologists it lists have verifiably been educated and certified to the highest level in the field of oral implantology within their respective scientific association. Furthermore, all members have a minimum of 4 years of practical experience in oral implantology with at least 200 successful treatment cases.
It is the aim of Leading Implant Centers to offer patients and interested individuals a platform where they can reliably find an assembly of the best specialists in oral implantology.

Dr. Allen Aptekar - a gain for Leading Implant Centers
With Dr. Allen Aptekar, owner of the "Aptekar Clinic" from Richmond Hill in Ontario/Canada, another highly respected expert in oral implantology joins the internet portal Leading Implant Centers. This internationally recognized implantologist has proven that he is not only highly engaged for his own further education but also equally conscientious of the qualification requirements of future implantologists. Many awards impressively prove this.

Always on the latest scientific level
Extensive practice experience as well as profound know-how and many years of experience at the latest scientific level, complimented by constant participation in advanced training and education, as well as further training and continuous education are the requirements that an implantologist needs to repeatedly demonstrate in order to gain these highest certificates and awards from their specific scientific associations in implantology firstly, but then also to earn it anew again and again. For many years Dr. Allen Aptekar has fulfilled these requirements. 

He is a well established dentist from Richmond Hill in Ontario/Canada. Next to implantology he also offers vast dental care in further fields of dentistry. With his membership, Leading Implant Centers is enriched with yet another qualified implantologist. You will find his profile on www.LeadingImplantCenters.com.


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