Dental implants need good care

Zug, November 2015 | With careful oral hygiene and care by implant specialists you can maintain the health of your masticatory system. Experts of oral implantology, which are listed on Leading Implant Centers, provide expert advice and treatment.

Oral hygiene is always a hot topic. Already from an early age on, the importance of brushing your teeth at least twice every day is being thought and even at nursery school regular visits to the dentist, including training about dental cleaning is part of the agenda. Even the wearers of dental implants are often unaware that dental implants need special care. So with negligent oral hygiene you are not only inviting the risk of inflammation of the surrounding gums, but also damage and potential loss to the jaw bone and ultimately the loss of the implant.

Periimplantitis is the keyword. Compared with periodontitis, a classic gingivitis, periimplantitis concerns the inflammation of the implant bed of the dental implants. The triggers are bacterial plaque between the implant and gum. Among other things this forms here because of inadequate dental hygiene. Other factors that may also jeopardize the best dentures are smoking, stress, hormonal changes and the use of certain medications.

In rare cases, there are mistakes in the dentist's jaw reconstruction prior to insertion of the implant, which can lead to periimplantitis. At the hands of a dental specialist, this risk factor is virtually ruled out by the patient as they embark for this oral surgery. All this by being certified to the highest level in oral implantology by a dental scientific association, the dental specialists prove their experience and expertise with hundreds of implants successfully set and proven by documentation over a period of at least four years. But where as a patient seeking help do you now find such an implant specialist, whom you can trust?

The portal Leading Implant Centers has set itself the task that only highly qualified dentists who can prove that they perform to the highest level of certification from their dental scientific association are admitted as a member. All the dentists listed here have several years of experience, are active in research and teaching and always keeping their dental expertise up-to-date. This is verified annually by the Medical Advisory Board of Leading Implant Centers. If during the annual review a member no longer achieves these high quality standards they may be excluded from membership.

For the patient, this means that before the placing of a dental implant starts they have already been provided with excellent advice and support from an experienced dental implant specialists - and so the risk of periimplantitis can be excluded at least by factors that are beyond their control. It is obviously still down to every individual to employ diligent oral hygiene and to take the decision to stop smoking.

Leading Implant Centers was founded in 2012 with the aim to ensure that within the global field of oral implantology, greater transparency is provided by its highly qualified members. A scientific advisory board examines each application for membership according to strict, clearly defined criteria. In this way, the integrity and credibility of the portal are guaranteed, which allows the site to stand out from the many platforms for implantologists on the internet. Leading Implant Centers is supported by several international dental associations.


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