Questions for Implantology

Questions concer-
nant l’implantologie

Leading Implant Centers has put together
an extensive response to the most urgent patient questions. Read here the answers from the members of Leading Implant Centers. Mehr...

Leitfaden für Patienten

pour les patients

What can I do to make my implantological intervention a success? 10 essential questions that you need to clarify BEFORE any implantological intervention with your treating implantologist. Mehr...

Wissenswertes zur Implantologie

Information concer-
nant l’implantologie

Tooth loss can affect patients of all ages. Modern implantology provides varied and individual possibilities to restore functionality and esthetics. Mehr...

Glossar zur Implantologie

Glossaire d’implantologie

This page offers information about certain terms and treatment therapies that are used in dentistry with the focus on implantology. Mehr...

Wissenswertes zur Implantologie

Exemples -
Les cas de patients

Nous vous offrons une liste de publications remarquables de nos membres en fonction de leur réussite histoires remarquables de dents-restauration avec des