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    With 20 no filling, with 40 no bridge, with 80 no prosthesis!

    With healthy and well-maintained teeth a smile becomes twice as radiant. Thereby you will radiate vitality and your appearance will be more attractive and confident.

    The basis for this requires regular dental visits. Therefore, it is to us, next to our absolute professionalism, of utmost importance that you are feeling comfortable with us and would like to come to us.

    You can expect an equally welcoming and competent team in a modern and vibrant dental practice. And of course two dentists that complement one another perfectly.

  • Siegfried Hoelzer |Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists
    • Implantology team; Implantologie Team - Siegfried Hoelzer | Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists
    • Recommended Implant Dentists; Empfohlene Implantat-Zahnärzte - Siegfried Hoelzer | Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists
    • Specialty dentures implant dentistry; Spezialgebiet Zahnersatz Implantologie - Siegfried Hoelzer | Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists
    • Dental Implantology; Zahn-Implantologie - Siegfried Hoelzer | Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists
    • Minimally Invasive Therapy; Minimalinvasive Therapie - Siegfried Hoelzer | Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists
    • Recommendable Implantologists, Empfehlenswerte Implantologen - Siegfried Hoelzer | Hoelzer & Hoelzer - Dentists


    Dentist Siegfried Hoelzer and Leading Implant Centers -
    Receives uplifting support from Spiegel magazine
    How to find the right implantologist - light in the dark for patients

    Zug/Königsbach-Stein, 24rd June 2014 | The editors of Spiegel got straight to the point of what the internet portal Leading Implant Centers successfully fights for in the implantology market for over a year. Due to lacking transparency in the clutter of dental training for implantologists, most patients are unaware which education they can trust and whether or not the dental specialist is certified. En savoir plus ...

    Implantology using innovative procedures

    Dentist Siegfried Hoelzer from Königsbach-Stein in Baden-Württemberg/Germany is now a member of "Leading Implant Centers"En savoir plus ...

    Siegfried Hoelzer and Leading Implant Centers – Quality and transparency on the highest level in the field of oral implantology

    Zug/Königsbach-Stein, 8th September 2013 | Do you know how qualified your implantologist really is? Are you familiar with the meaning and quality of the certificates and diplomas on your dentist's walls? The function of Leading Implant Centers is to analyze the market and categorize the dental specialists working as implantologists so to create a qualitative transparency. Over the multilingual portal www.leadingimplantcenters.com interested individuals and patients can find dental specialist who have been certified on the highest level of oral implantology.En savoir plus ...

    Siegfried Hoelzer | Dental practice Hoelzer & Hoelzer
    Königsbach-Stein / Baden Württemberg / Germany

    Zug/Königsbach-Stein, 1th May 2013 Certified implantologists present themselves on our new flagship platform. The latest member in our elite group is Siegfried Hoelzer from Königsbach-Stein in Baden Württemberg / Germany.En savoir plus ...