Leading Implant Centers sets international standards in oral implantology

Zug/Switzerland, January 2014 | New internet portal as unique platform for implantologists and patients with first class information under one umbrella brand.

Leading Implant Centers is a multilingual and independent internet portal as well as an umbrella brand for dental specialists with their field of activity in implantology and qualified to the highest levels. For one year it has been enriching the dental market with the listed, most competent implantologists worldwide and extensive information about implantology for patients. It is the aim of the portal to establish a worldwide close-knit independent network of highly trained dental specialists a so-called "World Member", in whom patients may place implicit confidence. The portal has been a great success from the side of experts with so far almost 200 listed implantologists worldwide from 14 countries. The goal for the year 2014 is to list over 500 certified implantologists worldwide.

Globalization does not stop at implantology. The internationality of the portal is especially for business people and entrepreneurs of importance. They place great value on high quality dental care, and they also have very little time to search for an implantology expert during a business trip. An international network of implantologists is available to provide the required security for quality, as severe toothache whilst travelling has brought many a businessman to despair. The fear of the dentist, in this case the implantologist, which is perhaps even bigger than in a "normal" dental intervention, is now unfounded, because patients can now just google the internet via smartphone to find a dental specialist in the field of implantology with the highest level of education www.leadingimplantcenters.com.

Furthermore, the multilingualism of the portal is of high importance in the German speaking world, as workplaces are often occupied by employees from the whole EU, or from other different nations. They need qualified information on implantology in their language to locate the qualified implantologist in their region. Multilingual implantology dentist practices are therefore at an advantage.

The portal solely accepts implantologists as members who have been certified by the national and international scientific associations of implantology as those with the most extensive and qualified training. An international scientific advisory board of leading implantologists from the countries of China, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland and the United States, who in part exercise responsibility within these international scientific associations, reviews the qualitative content of the portal and also ensure the systematic examination of the applications for admission of implantologists to the portal. One main aim of the founders of the portal is to attract many qualified implantologists worldwide through co-operation at an international level. .

Under a single global brand identity, the emphasis on implantology gets an international focus. The appearance under the international umbrella brand Leading Implant Centers combines many important advantages for implantologists for the penetration into the market. The regional, national and international showcase for their implantological excellence and implantological experience against other dentists with less training and education in oral implantology, tremendously enhances their competitive advantage in the globally growing implantology market. As an implantological community everyone benefits from the positive synergies of a common global brand image with the maximum market presence. Leading Implant Centers furthermore offers its members support in marketing and public relations. From a market economy as well as a professional perspective, Leading Implant Centers within the field of implantology gives its members new impetus, promotes scientific exchange and works on clear concepts within the international focus. The founders of the portal are convinced that the international co-operation will be advantageous for the good education of the implantologists.

Many hundreds of other internet portals have no clearly defined quality and entry criteria for their implantological members and patients will quickly be at the end of the evaluation of the experts. The founders of Leading Implant Centers are rather critical towards portals with patient reviews, because the qualified evaluation of the level of training of the dental specialists is not assured by the patient. The quality of an implant or a treatment only transpires after a few months or even years.

If you consider yourself to be one of the leading implantology experts, you will find the criteria for membership of Leading Implant Centers at www.leadingimplantcenters.com/en/application-criteria/. At least four years of practical experience in oral implantology with the appropriate training and certification applies at Leading Implant Centers as a minimum requirement along with a minimum of 200 personally placed implants with documentation and certification. The Leading Implant Centers represent dental brilliance on the highest level.


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