Dr. Henry Salama | Goldstein, Garber & Salama
Atlanta / Georgia / United States

Zug/Atlanta, 21th August 2013 | Certified implantologists present themselves on our new flagship platform. The latest member in our elite group is Dr. Henry Salama from Atlanta in USA.

With Dr. Henry Salama, a dentist practicing in both Linwood, New Jersey, as well as with the practice Goldstein, Garber & Salama in Atlanta, USA the Internet platform of Leading Implant Centers has won another high-quality member.

Dr. Henry Salama received his D.M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine where he later also received his dual specialty certification in both periodontics and periodontal-prosthesis, fixed prosthodontics, as well as specialized Implant training at the Brånemark Center at Penn.

Dr. Henry Salama is the former director of the Implant Research Center and Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Salama clinical practice is limited to advanced restorative, esthetic and implants therapy. His clinical research activities focus on long-term stability of esthetic soft tissue enhancement techniques, as well as immediate and early loading of root form implants. Dr. Salama also holds several patents on dental products that he helped design.

Dr. Salama is a partner in the Atlanta Esthetic Dental Practice known as “Team Atlanta”. His partners include Dr. David Garber, Dr. Ronald Goldstein and his brother, Dr. Maurice Salama. This group has an international reputation for interdisciplinary care, dental education and has published hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and several textbooks. Dr. Salama is also a featured expert and frequent content provider and permanent member of the Scientific Committee of the World's leading Web based Dental Education site www.DentalXP.com.

Leading Implant Centers solely incorporates implantologists on its platform who are on the highest education and certification level. Over the worldwide available multilingual portal, interested individuals and patients can find those implantologists who have been successfully certified. Thereby, Leading Implant Centers dissociates itself fundamentally from the in-transparent and exceedingly subjective assessment portals.

At Leading Implant Centers, all participating implantologists posses extensive practical knowledge as well as profound know-how and many years of experience on the latest scientific level complimented by constant participation in advanced training and education as well as further training and continuous education.

For the patients concerned the herewith gained transparency is an important step and offers high quality guidance. At the same time, the growing market of implantology is saved from being negatively affected by individuals who are not willing to invest in their qualification as implantologist, but instead in cunning marketing tricks. With the collaboration of the national scientific associations and the international umbrella association we create a basis that provides orientation and offer a platform solely for those implantologists that invest in their abilities and provide input into the field of expertise. Furthermore, Leading Implant Centers understands itself to be a communication platform of its members for the patients. Participating implantologists and their practices will on the one hand be supported locally with public relations and marketing and on the other hand the global marketing activities will promote the image of certified implantologists internationally.

For many years, Dr. Henry Salama has been an established dentist in Atlanta in USA. Next to implantology he also offers vast dental care in further fields of dentistry. With his membership, the Leading Implant Centers is enriched with another implantologist. You will find his presentation at Leading Implant Centers under www.LeadingImplantCenters.com

Press contact:
Richard M. Schneider
Leading Implant Centers