Suddenly you need new teeth - Leading Implant Centers carefully examines implantologists

Zug/Switzerland, April 2014  |  Nobody wants implants, but everyone wants good looking teeth. Next to esthetics, implants also restore the chewing function among others: Due to periodontal disease, after an accident, trauma or other misfortune, teeth may be missing and must be replaced. As a person affected you need expert help.

The internet portal Leading Implant Centers stands by the side of patients, because it lists the implantology experts with the highest level of training. With a new search function, patients can find the nearest practicing implantologist nationally and internationally in a self-defined radius of a chosen location.

If as a patient I have suspected or expect that teeth need to be replaced, I probably first think of my own dental specialist whom I personally trust for his expertise. If this expertise is lacking for the placement of implants, the search for a specialist begins. In this case, the good old recommendation is often not good enough as the regional achievable potential is too small. "Who can save or reconstruct my bone? Who can do top notch implanting? Who understands everything about healthy and sustainable gums? Which is the best material?" Some dentists work together in a network with implantologists, some simply call themselves an implantologist, without the patient being completely sure if she/he really is. If this is the case, then the search must continue. But how can I within the jungle of information overload from the media and the internet find what I need? Are there any control mechanisms or reliable instances that I can place my trust in as a patient? Further still, who controls the titles and certificates of training and the quality of the statements made by dental specialists? Which dental specialist tells me, what they can do. Nowadays, some dental specialists can become stars on-line for just a few hundred Euro. More examples of this can be found in different sectors. For 50 Euro hotels can become "top hotels" on-line or in brochures. 

As a patient with many questions as to the purpose and procedure of a treatment, one is at first utterly alone. They can only be answered by an implantologist. However, Leading Implant Centers can already be your first contact for this as the internet portal offers many patient-friendly answers in the field of implantology

An implantologist must first ask the question about the physiological state, then the state of the bone tissue. Is it in danger or weakened? Because as a patient I want the integrity returned to my damaged body part. One thing is clear, in any case, as long as the bone tissue and thus the gum lying thereon are not perfectly stable, even the finest teeth cannot be stably integrated with the existing teeth. The next tasks are the precise recording of the teeth, the implants and the gums. After that, a non-contact jaw repositioning needs to be assumed and the material for the implants chosen. In the end, it then goes to the perfect and individual esthetics meaning beautiful teeth for the patient. 

Unfortunately, not all dental specialists know how to obtain great teeth. Many dental specialists may be very good surgeons, but the esthetic, perfect individual fitting of an implant to the patient is a philosophy on its own. As a patient you want to be able to smile radiantly again and win back the self-confidence and joy of living.  

For me as a patient it is ideal to have the treatment executed from the first diagnosis to the finished implant by one implantologist or the same team of implantologists. Then I know who is responsible if the worst should come to the worst. A good implantologist distinguishes themselves by taking time and sensitively and comprehensively explain the options of a treatment. Top implantologists act on the principles of great care before speed, factual information and sensitive discussions, which for me as a patient lessens the fear of the treatment before the intervention. Unfortunately, there are not as many once you know the demands. This is why it is ever so important in the market of implantologists to carefully examine who has a good education and possesses extensive practical knowledge. Leading Implant Centers was initiated for this reason: to examine closely which implantologist can be recommended on the internet portal. It is backed up by a scientific advisory board of worldwide leading implantologists who also partially hold roles with the international scientific professional societies review the qualitative contents of the portal and ensure the systematic examination of the applications for admission of implantologists to the portal. 

Leading Implant Centers made the locating of qualified and experienced implantologists easier with a proximity search and search result list The display of all implantologists within the desired radius simplifies it for me as a patient to make comparisons. The search function is also especially helpful for patients abroad who urgently need help as on the portal so far implantologists from 15 European countries are listed.


About Leading Implant Centers

Leading Implant Centers is an internet portal on which implantologists are presented, who are qualified and have successfully certified to the highest level of their specific national and international scientific associations for oral implantology. Leading Implant Centers is the most reliable source to find an experienced implantologist in close proximity for patients looking for a qualified dentist who can advise and treat them competently in the field of expertise of tooth replacement and dental surgery.

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