Leading Implant Centers and DZOI (the German Centre for Oral Implantology)
Strong co-operation for more transparency within the implantology market

Zug, January 2016 - Promoting the qualification of dentists in the field of oral implantology on the highest level and making it visible for the patients is the common goal of Leading Implant Centers (LIC) and the German Centre for Oral Implantology (DZOI). The new active co-operation of both organizations should sustainably support this aim.

Leading Implant Centers and the German Centre for Oral Implantology (DZOI) have the same goals for more transparency within the market of dentists in the field of implantology. In this way, patients and interested individuals can reliably find implantologists who have verifiably certified to the highest level in the field of oral implantology. Since the beginning of this year, the renowned internet portal and Germany's second oldest implantolgical scientific association pursue this goal in a combined effort. 

Since 2014, a friendly co-operation has existed between Leading Implant Centers and the DZOI. The role model for the strict entry criteria applied by Leading Implant Centers was, found among others, in the training programs of the DZOI. Since its inception in 1990, it has been committed to promoting oral implantology as a pioneering therapeutic dentistry. Under the motto "From practitioners for practitioners" the scientific association encompasses the training and further education and the collegial exchange with dentists amongst one another. Furthermore, the DZOI has taken up the cause of comprehensive information and counseling for patients.

It is precisely this congruence of objectives of LIC and the DZOI that has convinced the DZOI Board to enter into co-operation with Leading Implant Centers. The impact within the market of oral implantology can be significantly strengthened by this co-operation. All four board members jointly agreed to join with Leading Implant Centers. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Helmut B. Engels, Dr. Hans-Joachim Habermehl, associate professor. Dr. Dr. Arwed Ludwig and Dr. Thomas Freiherr von Landenberg consider this collaboration as an opportunity to create a further incentive for continuous professional education within the field of oral implantology for all dentists working with implantations. In addition, Dr. Thomas Freiherr von Landenberg has joined the Advisory Board of Leading Implant Centers enabling the knowledge of the DZOI to be at our disposal. 

All LIC members are reviewed annually and must provide proof of training from the last 12 months validated by their respective scientific associations, in order to qualify for an additional year as a member of Leading Implant Centers. Members of the DZOI who wish to apply for membership to Leading Implant Centers, have a strong motivation to keep their knowledge up-to-date with the scientific developments within implant dentistry by taking advantage of the extensive education and training offered by the scientific association.

In addition, they benefit from the unique opportunity to present themselves on leadingimplantcenters.com as a implantologist at the highest level within the worldwide company of highly educated colleagues. The portal provides for example versatile support in areas of PR and marketing - areas that dentists generally do not really get involved in and are not trained in so are therefore often neglected. Therefore, visibility to patients is considerably enhanced.

Patients, in turn, who are looking for a suitable implantologist, will find by using the radius search tool on this platform not only the proven best trained implantologists worldwide in their immediate vicinity, but also a wealth of information on the subject of Oral Implantology. 

The obvious benefits to both sides, dental physicians and patients, should through the active co-operation of LIC and the DZOI now be further developed so that oral implantology can further establish itself as a pioneering and therapeutic dentistry within the market.  

Leading Implant Centers was founded in 2012 with the aim to ensure that within the global field of oral implantology, greater transparency is provided by its highly qualified members. A scientific advisory board examines each application for membership according to strict, clearly defined criteria. In this way, the integrity and credibility of the portal are guaranteed, which allows the site to stand out from the many platforms for implantologists on the internet. Leading Implant Centers is supported by several international dental associations.


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