Dr. Oliver Schmidt and Leading Implant Centers – Quality and transparency on the highest level in the field of oral implantology

Zug/Günzburg, 25th November 2013 | Do you know how qualified your implantologist really is? Are you familiar with the meaning and quality of the certificates and diplomas on your dentist's walls? The function of Leading Implant Centers is to analyze the market and categorize the dental specialists working as implantologists so to create a qualitative transparency. Over the multilingual portal www.leadingimplantcenters.com interested individuals and patients can find dental specialist who have been certified on the highest level of oral implantology.

Dr. Oliver Schmidt from Günzburg in Bavaria/Germany has proven this quality on the highest level in the field of oral implantology for many years. To live up to the patient's as well as his own demands, he keeps his professional know-how always on the latest scientific level.

Implantation as a field of expertise is a continuously growing market. More and more dentists are organized in various national and international scientific associations and undergo further education and training.  In Germany, approximately 17,000 of the 55,000 licensed dentists are organized in four big scientific associations DGI (German Society for Implantology), BDIZ (European Association of Dental Implantologists), DGZI (German Association of Dental Implantology), DGOI (German Association for Oral Implantology) and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists ICOI. In these scientific associations dentists can on the one hand easily become a member without gaining any further qualifications and on the other hand they can gain different qualified standards through further education arrangements. Therefore, a dentist can already decorate her/his walls with a membership certificate as a standard member.

For the patient it is difficult if not even impossible to assess and evaluate the qualifications of an implantologist according to all the various diplomas, certificates and statements. The promotion and reasoning is advertised with words such as: curriculum, continuum, fellow, field of expertise, expert, specialist, European specialists, Master, Master of Science, IPS Master or Diplomate in various implant associations and a catalogue of doctors. Thus, out of the 55,000 licensed dentists in Germany, only approximately 2 percent are quality-wise on the highest education and certification level in implantology. 

The admission criteria at Leading Implant Centers for potential members is clear and unambiguous even to patients: Only implantologists who have successfully certified to the highest level of  scientific associations and/or attained approbation as a specialist are welcomed as a member to Leading Implant Centers. They must have personally placed at least 200 implants along with a minimum of four years of practical experience are the further necessary requirements to become a member. Patients and interested individuals can rest assured that only specialized practices and clinics are represented on this portal and also that the listed implantologist whose knowledge is verifiably to the latest scientific level will be the one treating them.

Dr. Oliver Schmidt from Günzburg in Bavaria/Germany is part of this elite group and is the dental expert you trust in your vicinity. The Leading Implant Centers represent dental excellency on the highest level - guaranteed.


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