Scientific Advisory Board
of the Leading Implant Centers

DDr.Gerald Jahl
Eggenburg / Niederösterreich / Österreich

DDr.Gerald Jahl: "Der Patient steht einfach im Zentrum. Und die Patienten haben dank der Internetplattform der Leading Implant Centers endlich eine objektive Orientierungsmöglichkeit in der weiten Welt des internets, da dieses Portal punctoread more

Dr. Yvan Poitras
Montmagny / Québec / Canada

Dr. Yvan Poitras: The implantology experts listed on our portal are the ones with the highest education and certification levels within the market. It is our main concern to enable patients to find a qualified implantologist and to be informed iread more

Prof. Dr. Nitzan Bichacho
Tel Aviv / Tel-Aviv / Israel

Through Leading Implant Centers,  Professor Dr. Nitzan Bichacho  sees the efforts of certifications as now being professionally and qualitatively positioned within the more

Dr. Konstantinos D. Valavanis
Athens / Greece

Dr. Konstantinos D. Valavanis welcomes the dedication of Leading Implant Centers that presents as the first portal on the web with strict entry criteria for listing its implantology experts. "What I especially like is the special focus of LIC oread more

Dr. Ueli Grunder
Zollikon / Zurich / Switzerland

Dr. Ueli Grunder: "Leading Implant Centers is a tremendous enrichment for Switzerland and internationally, as the quality of the education in implantology is paramount. This means a high level of security for the patients." read more

Dr. Siegfried Marquardt
Tegernsee / Bavaria / Germany

Dr. Siegfried Marquardt also sees the lack of transparency for the patient with the various different dental trainings for implantologists. "Patients do not know what training they can trust. Leading Implant Centers is the only international intread more

Dr. Henry Salama
Atlanta / Georgia / United States

Dr. Henry Salama like the international approach and the demands towards the quality of education and training of the portal. It is ideal for business people as they can find international experts at a glance.  read more

Dr. Matteo Capelli
Milan / Lombardy / Italy

Dr. Matteo Capelli is an expert within the Italian market and says: "In Italy there is no certification in oral implantology, therefore any dentist can call themselves implantologists." for Dr. Capelli Leading Implant Centers finally bringread more

Clinical Professor/New York University Ady Palti
Baden-Baden / Baden-Württemberg / Germany

Clinical Professor/New York University Ady Palti´s opinion of Leading Implant Centers is explicit: "Quality and transparency always have to be of priority in implantology and Leading Implant Centers has achieved this as the first portal in the mread more

Dr. John Giblin
Hornsby / New South Wales / Australien

Dr. John P. Giblin statement is: "I compliment LIC for its achievements within such a short time as currently there are implantologists from over 22 countries listed on it."read more