Dr. Yvan Poitras
Montmagny / Québec / Canada

Dr. Yvan Poitras: The implantology experts listed on our portal are the ones with the highest education and certification levels within the market. It is our main concern to enable patients to find a qualified implantologist and to be informed in advance about treatments. This is why we want to bring transparency into the market and guarantee that the quality of the listed experts is accurate.

Dr. Yvan Poitras completed his Ph.D. in dentistry at Laval University in 1984. He is the founder and since 1993 the director of the Canadian Implant Institute, which provides a complete training in prosthodontics and implant surgery. Dr Poitras is part of the biomechanics/biomaterials research group of the École Polytechnique de Montréal and is also a consultant for the Oral Health Magazine.

He is a Fellow and Diplomate member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He divides his time between his private practice in implantology exclusively, teaching and international conferences. Since 1993, Dr Poitras has been teaching 3 to 4 days courses, a minimum of 7 times a year. The teaching methods allow dentists to attend the Institute during their training and practice supervised surgeries. Since 1995, Dr. Yvan Poitras leads two study circles in Quebec, and soon another one will follow in France.

Since 1998, the Canadian Implant Institute is a provider of ADA CERP.

Since September 2004, the Canadian Implant Institute is extending its prosthetic and surgical program in France.

Dr Poitras was the lecturer chosen by the Order of Dentists to lead conferences around all Quebec dental societies during the 2006-2007 Tour.


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