Dr. Henry Salama
Atlanta / Georgia / United States

Dr. Henry Salama like the international approach and the demands towards the quality of education and training of the portal. It is ideal for business people as they can find international experts at a glance. 

Dr. Henry Salama from the United States is the former director of the Implant Research Centers at the University of Pennsylvania, where he had been teaching as Clinical Assistant Professor in the paradontology department for over 20 years.

Dr. Salama is a member of the scientific advisory board of the leading web based Dental Education DentalXP. Dr. Salama received his post-doctoral specialty certificate in periodontics and dental prostheses, dental prosthetics at the University of Pennsylvania.

He is currently working within a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, and Linwood, New Jersey which specializes in cosmetic dentistry. His clinical research activities focus on long-term stability of esthetic soft tissue reinforcement techniques, as well as immediate and early loading of implant-root forms.

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